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Matters of interest

Well what a situation we find ourselves in - and who knows what restrictions of any sort lie ahead!

But for now what I can say - is that a number of our supporters have decided to take a break from their normal golfing activity.

We will for now be making no more bookings at this time for formal Monday Group competitions - though I guess till more stringent restrictions may come about - some of your paths will doubtless cross with informal games arranged.

Longer-term - and when the time is right we can only hope that things will return to normal - when we'll look forward to spending the Bht.9000 currently held in our Tournament Reserve on something to make that day special!

Look after yourselves - and keep in touch one with another - things in the fullness of time can hopefully only get brighter.

Brian & Tiger

Please note the updates to our existing East Side policy and guidance notes - from which particular reference will be noted in our 'Society Rules' to the possibility of the need for changes to be made, in the light of local acceptance of the proposed 'World Handicap System'.

More on this doubtless to follow - but for now looking forward - hoping to see you in weeks ahead - and to hear your early views on a likely Songkran 'away event' 16th to 19th April - which will this year embrace two weekend games - with support already being reported for a return to Kanchanaburi - after a couple of years at Khao Yai!

Regards to all - Brian & Tiger

NOTE: All current PSC and Birdie handicaps recognized -with East Side not implementing the system of ‘on the day – for the day’ course handicap adjustments - introduced for PSC Tournament purposes. NOTE ALSO – that where a competing player also has a PSC and differing non-PSC handicap (i.e. from whatever source) – whichever is the lesser should always be used for East Side Golf competitive purposes.

You may register for rounds via the form on the left hand side. One form per Date / Venue!

Invitational Tournament Funding Arrangements 2020
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