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Brian Hardwidge
Tel : 081 901 3661
Email : brianateastsidegolf(AT)

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Matters of interest

With just three 'four balls' booked to play at Treasure Hill on Monday, 18th March - it will feel like old times - with the low season definitely with us!

So be it - find below details of our planned forward bookings for April - with a walkers rate for Emerald on the 8th (please to note) still to be agreed!

Hope to see most of you soon.

Brian & Tiger

NOTE: All current PSC and Birdie handicaps recognized -with East Side not implementing the system of ‘on the day – for the day’ course handicap adjustments - introduced for PSC Tournament purposes. NOTE ALSO – that where a competing player also has a PSC and differing non-PSC handicap (i.e. from whatever source) – whichever is the lesser should always be used for East Side Golf competitive purposes.

Please register for rounds via the form on the left hand side. One form per Date / Venue!

Hoping to see you all soon - Brian.

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